Blooming Summer Flowers for Pots


Summer time is here and flowers are bursting with colour exuberance. Spruce up your containers for the upcoming holiday season with abundant flower choices from GardenShop. Here are our top five favourite summer plants that are well suited to growing in pots.


Choose from a selection of different colours and varieties. They are hardy, frost tolerant and waterwise. These indigenous, regal beauties are on special at GardenShop,


Also known as the treasure plant. Perfect to plant in pots that are receiving full sun. They have large, daisy-like, brightly coloured, dark-centred flower heads. They flower profusely and will flower for a long time through the summer.


The choice of Lavender varieties are endless. Their intoxicating scented flowers are a magnet for butterflies and bees. The leaves and flower heads are often dried for use in sachets or potpourri.


Marigolds are marvellous hardy plants that require little care. The flower colours range from pale yellow to orange and a gold to a brownish- maroon.


Very popular waterwise plants for pots! Your choice of varieties and colours are endless, and there are even rose scented geraniums which can make a wonderful tea.

Containers can get extremely hot if placed in a very sunny position like a hot driveway. Line the inside of your containers with polystyrene or newspaper to keep soil temperatures cool and mulch on top of the soil with bark chips. It is not necessary to use gravel at the bottom of containers unless there are insufficient drainage holes.

Good potting soil is free draining. Containers dry out quickly and require regular watering. Do the finger test! Dig your finger into the top 5cm, if the soil is moist hold off on watering for a day or two.

Planted pots add interest to the garden and you’re spoilt for choice with a wide selection of local and imported containers in a variety of styles and finishes.

Make a statement by using containers in pairs or group them in uneven numbers. Bear in mind that that anything can be used as a container provided it has sufficient drainage holes. So tins, old shoes, suitcases and teapots are also options if that is your eclectic style.

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