Tropical splendor for cold climates

With huge leaves and bright colours, tropical gardens have a unique and exciting look that is popular the world over. If you don’t live in a tropical area, however, you don’t have to despair. There are ways to achieve that tropical look even if you live in a place where it gets into the minuses during winter.

Here are some tips on how you can create that endless summer tropical look:

  • Choose plants with large shiny leaves
  • Cover every surface with vegetation
  • Choose plants with big bright flowers
  • Use fragrant plants strategically
  • Colour clash with brightly coloured flowers and foliage

Here are some suggestions of plants that will help you to create that tropical lok even if you live in a cold area:

  • Heuchera sanguinea or Coral Bells
  • Hosta ventricosa or Plantain lily
  • Strelitzia regina –Crane Flower
  • Hibiscus varieties
  • Zanthedechia aethiopica
  • Alocasia species or Elephant’s Ears
  • Phillodendron varieties or Delicious Monsters
  • Rumohra adiantiformis or Leather Leaf Fern
  • Dicksonia antartica or Artic Tree Fern
  • Acanthus mollis or Wild Rhubarb
  • Pennisetum rubrum or Purple Fountain Grass
  • Coprosma varieties or Mirror Plants
  • Dipladenia diamantina or Mandevilla
  • Bougainvillea varieties
  • Phormium varieties or New Zealand Flax

Whether you garden in the humid heat of the Lowveldt, in a gloomy courtyard in The middle of Sandton or on an exposed edge of the Karoo, you can take inspiration from tropical gardens. Then pull up a chair, pour yourself a fruity drink and let summer roll on in all its glory.

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