What to do in your garden in November!


Article Written By: Jeremy Cupido
Store Manager @ GardenShop Bryanston

There are multiple flowers, plants and vegetables that are perfect to sow and grow in November. As the year winds down, spend some time in the sunshine and put your Green Fingers to work on the following plants and veggies.

Seeds to Sow: Argeratum, Gloriosa Daisies, Marigolds, Zinnias, Celosia, Nasturtium, Phloxs and Verbena’s

Vegetables to Grow: Capsicums, Carrots, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Marrows, Pumpkins and Sweet Corn.


Here are some other helpful hints to help your garden flourish during the month of November:


  • You can still plant Dahlia tubers, but make sure they are plump and healthy.
  • When cutting Iris flowers for the vase (they are lovely for this), take away the whole stem from the rhizome.
  • Take cuttings from your Marguerite bushes at all times to ensure a non-stop supply of plants.
  • If you pruned your Spring blossom trees after they had flowered, they will have sent out new vigorous growth. If you nip the tips of this new growth, you will have more compact growth.
  • Give your roses an extra feed by spreading, Ludwigs Vigorosa, around each bush. Follow this with a good watering and keep up regular spraying for mildew and rust. We recommend Tenazole from Protek or Rosecare from Efekto.
  • As Delphiniums finish flowering, cut the flower stems to ground level. Feed each clump with a good fertilizer. We recommend Wonder 3.1.5. Then water well, which will encourage further flowering in the new year.

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