What to do in your garden in February


Iceland Poppy


Article Written By: Jeremy Cupido
Store Manager @ GardenShop Bryanston

February is a beautiful time of year in Gauteng. The weather is warm and refreshing and we are still seeing all the splashes of colour and smelling the sweet scents of summer that abound in our gardens.

Sow seeds of carrots, peas, onions and lettuce.

Now is also a good time to sow winter and spring annuals such as: anthodiums, calendulas, Iceland poppies and primulas.

February is a great time of year to plant Irises:

Sit their rhizomes on the soil surface, and allow the roots to go down into the soil, which has been well dug, with an added dressing of superphosphate.


Iris plants can also be tidied up by taking away the dead brown leaves.


Disbud dahlias if you want to attempt to get the best blooms out of them, to show in Autumn.



Lawns which have had little water may be looking dry and dull and should not be cut too short –raise the mower blades to prevent this from happening.


Keep spraying roses for blackspot and destroy any already affected leaves.


Cut the stems of hydrangeas, after they have flowered, back to where two healthy buds or stems arise from the main stem. Spent flowers can be dug into the soil around the plant.



If you have paving in the shade or in a damp spot, keep an eye on it – because it can become slippery and very dangerous if moss and algae grow on the area. To remove both moss and algae, scrub the area well with soap and water alternatively, just use some swimming pool HTH to scrub it off.

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