Ways to save on your garden


No matter your budget, there are a few smart ways to save on your garden. Gardening can be done cost effectively with a little help from GardenShop. Here are my top tips to garden wisely while not hurting your pocket…


Mulching is a great way to save on the cost of water and minimise weed growth. Mulch keeps soil temperatures constant, which allows the soil to hold water for longer, which in turn allows you to water less often.

Splitting and dividing grasses

Most perennials like to be split during late summer, but grasses like Liriope varieties, Carex varieties and Ophiopogan varieties can be split to fill up other garden areas which you’ve been wanting to get to. Remember to keep them in small clumps when splitting, they will transplant better than those split into single plants.

Economical plant choices

South African gardening habits are leading to low maintenance plants which don’t need a lot of water. Below are some of my top recommendations and you can multiply them through splitting, rooting or seeding too.

Aloes varieties, Gaura, Agapanthus varieties, Liriope varieties, Dietes,  Felicia, Salvia varieties, Euphorbia varieties, Carex varieties, Pennisetum, Festuca, Trachelospermum.

Organic fertilisers

The most cost effective fertilisers are organic fertilisers as they don’t just feed plants.

  • They repair and build soil structure, this in turn helps the soil to hold water and food for growing plants much better.
  • They replace lost nutrients naturally.
  • Natural nutrients don’t leach very easily, with prolonged use of organic fertilisers, soil nutrient levels stabilise lowering the risk of nutrient deficiencies. This will help you grow stronger plants in the long run which are more rewarding.
  • Organic fertilisers are naturally slow releasing meaning they don’t need a lot of water on application and they don’t burn plants.
  • They grow stronger plants which means less pests and diseases, which means less need to spray pesticides to manage insects.

There are many more ways to save today, every garden is different. Book your next appointment with the GardenGuru and let’s see how I can help you stretch your gardening budget.

As a garden-lover, we know that you sometimes need on-site expert advice to talk through nagging garden issues or changes you may want to make. That’s where our GardenGuru comes in! Our qualified horticulturist will meet with you for a one-hour consultation service where you can discuss your unique gardening challenges and find solutions.

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*Our fee refers to visits within a 10km radius of any GardenShop branch located in Parktown, Broadacers, Bryanston, Menlo Park and Boksburg. Our service does not include design sketches or drawings and we will happily refer you to a recommended landscaper depending on your requirements.

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