Summer Hero Herbs


Grow your own herbs, our easy to take home Kitchen Garden Econo Packs with a selection of six hero summer herbs for R99.95. Plant in full sun to semi-shade and nature will work miracles. Fun to grow inside, however life on a sunny window sill may peter out and you will need to replace more regularly.

GardenShop’s hero herbs for summer have got to be:

Sweet Basil

1-sweet-basil-copyThe absolute king of herbs. Harvest fresh, fragrant leaves for use in pesto and Mediterranean food. Pinch flower heads regularly. Plants will grow to a height of 80cm with a width of 50cm.


An attractive edging plant and a great repellent for aphids while attracting beneficial insects. Chop up the fine leaves and add them to your salads and stir-fries. A Garlic Chive is also available.


3-parsley-copyItalian or traditional Parsley is an easy to grow versatile herb for many kitchen dishes. Nothing better than fresh! As a garnish and an absolute must in most Italian pasta dishes.


4-thyme-copyWhat can we say about Thyme? A timeless, sweet, beautiful herb with tiny aromatic leaves with little flowers in summer. Beautiful to grow amongst other groundcovers and in between stepping stones and paving. A classic component of the French bouquet Garnie, with Bay Leaf and Sage. And the bees love to gather around these flowers!


Fresh oregano bunch + clipping pathA strong-smelling groundcover with natural antibiotic qualities. It is a great companion plant to grow amongst vegetables. Use for meat, pizza and aromatic tea. It is a spreading groundcover that will grow comfortably to a height of 25cm and a spread of 30cm. A golden Oregano is also available and looks absolutely fabulous planted amongst sandstone pavers.


6-mint-copyIt does need quite a bit of sun to get growing and boy when it is happy the plant will explode with growth. Mint adds spring and summer magic taste to just about every culinary dish. The best taste in the world is freshly made mint sauce as a meat accompaniment.

View and download GardenShop’s GardenCare Leaflet to the planting and care of Herbs.

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