Spring Lawn Preparation


Spring Lawn Preparation 

Spring is here and it’s a great time to get your lawn back into shape so that you’ve got a beautiful, thick, green lawn for summer.

First things first… you need to scarify. This means cutting your lawn very low and raking out all the dead growth that was under your green mat during the past season. Removing the thatch will minimise the risk of diseases breaking out in your lawn and allows water to penetrate the soil properly.

It is also best to spike your lawn so as to improve drainage and aeration, which will help prevent soil compaction.

Then using Culterra Lawn Dressing apply a thin top dressing so it creates an organic blanket. 1 bag will cover 3 to 4 square metres. Lawn dressing conditions the soil for the new growing season so that your soil can hold water and nutrients better, which promotes a stronger and healthier lawn.

Once you have applied the lawn dressing it is time to feed. You can use Wonder Lawn and Foliage 7:1:3 or Wonder Lawn and Foliage 3:2:1. Water it in to avoid burning by giving it a good 15 to 20 minutes soak. Deep water penetration encourages the roots to grow deeper into the soil which in turn helps your lawn to cope through hot conditions. Encouraging the roots to grow deeper allows your lawn to tap into natural nutrients and moisture within the subsoil, this will make your lawn stronger and more robust allowing your lawn to be more resistant to pest and disease infestations too.

Please be advised Shade Over and All Seasons Evergreen is a tuft lawn and you cannot apply lawn dressing to this type of grass, you can feed with Ludwig’s Vigorosa 5:1:5 for best results, no lawn dressing.

Do you have a shady area where your lawn does not want to grow? I have the best solution for you, Berea also known as LM Lawn. It is an indigenous, strong and robust lawn that creeps and will self-repair itself when damaged. LM lawn grows from full sun to full shade. LM lawn grows like Kikuyu but runs on the surface, it is non-invasive and requires less water and maintenance to sustain itself.

As a garden-lover, we know that you sometimes need on-site expert advice to talk through nagging garden issues or changes you may want to make. That’s where our GardenGuru comes in! Our qualified horticulturist will meet with you for a one-hour consultation service where you can discuss your unique gardening challenges and find solutions.

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R450*secures your one-hour GardenGuru consultation, payable at any of our branches. GardenGuru will contact you during weekdays to make an appointment.

*Our fee refers to visits within a 10km radius of any GardenShop branch located in Parktown, Broadacers, Bryanston, Menlo Park and Boksburg. Our service does not include design sketches or drawings and we will happily refer you to a recommended landscaper depending on your requirements.

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