Planting By The Moon Is No Old-Wive’s Tale!

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Article Written By: Sue Both
GardenShop’s GardenGuru

‘Planting by the Moon’ may sound like an old-wives tale, but it certainly isn’t! The moon has a huge influence on all natural bodies of water on our beautiful planet. This influence is most commonly seen in the tides of the oceans. As plants consist of about 90% water, it stands to reason that the moon would also have an influence on the growth patterns of plants.


New Moon: Lunar gravity pulls water up, causing seeds to swell and burst. This force, coupled with gradually increasing moonlight, creates balanced root and leaf growth.

new-moon Planting By The Moon Is  No Old-Wive's Tale!


2nd Quarter Moon: Gravitational pull is less but the moonlight is still strong. This will create healthy leaf growth and is a great time to plant and fertilize leafy plants.

2nd-quarter Planting By The Moon Is  No Old-Wive's Tale!


Full Moon: Gravitational pull and moonlight will be waning from the point of full moon and energy will be drawing dow. Thus, this is a great time to plant root crops, like carrots. It is also a good time to transplant and divide perennial crops.

full-moon Planting By The Moon Is  No Old-Wive's Tale!


4th Quarter Moon: In this period, there is less gravitational pull and light. It is a resting phase and so a good time to harvest, fertilize, prune and transplant.

4th-quarter Planting By The Moon Is  No Old-Wive's Tale!


By using the lunar cycle we can improve Soil Moisture, invigorate roots, stimulate leaf growth and improve seed germination.

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