Organic Plant Foods


What natural organic plant foods are available?

Organic plant foods, whether granular or liquid are an investment to a plant’s future, many plants are able to draw enough nutrients from the soil to survive, but often feeding can make the difference between plants simply surviving to flourishing!

As rain and irrigation dissolve and flush away nutrients, periodic fertilising is also needed. Organic plant foods are slower to be absorbed but have the benefit of improving the soil quality. Look out for a variety of natural organic plant foods at GardenShop.

Natural, liquid organic plant food concentrates:

  • Nitrosol
  • Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger
  • Wondersol All Purpose Plant Food
  • Guanoflo
  • Seagro

Natural, granular plant foods:

  • Eco Green Seedling Food
  • Fertilis – Earthworm castings
  • Vita-Grow
  • Wonder Organic Bonemeal
  • Bio Ganic All Purpose

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