Let’s Make Compost


Compost is a soil conditioner which improves soil structure, which in turn provides efficient food and water to plants.

Don’t have the space for a compost heap? GardenShop has just the right product for you – the Bokashi Bin. It is clean, has no bad odours, it is small, compact and fuss free. The compost that you get from this system contains an array of nutrients to promote strong and healthy plants.

The Bokashi Bin system consists of a bucket with a lid, a strainer and a tap at the bottom of the tub. Then you need to add the magic – Bokashi.

Bokashi becomes moist which activates healthy fungus, bacteria and yeast growth which breaks down organic products in a safe and healthy manner. When you open the Bokashi Bin, there are no bad odours, just a pleasant yeast-type of smell.

Discard ALL your kitchen food waste into your Bokashi Bin – this can be egg shells, meat, fish, dairy products, chicken bones, all fruit and vegetable cuts and peels.

How does the Bokashi Bin work?

To start the system simply scatter a handful of Bokashi at the bottom of your Bokashi Bin (over the strainer). Then throw in all your kitchen waste that you’ve collected for the day. Scatter a handful of Bokashi over it and compact everything using a masher. Close your bin. For best results try only open your bin once a day.

Every time you add a layer of kitchen waste, throw over a handful of Bokashi and press it down with a masher. Once your tub is full it is time to close the lid and let it sit for 2 weeks to allow the fermentation process to complete. Then your compost is ready to be used. Ideally you need 2 bins in rotation to not lose time or opportunity to recycle your kitchen waste into glorious compost.

While your Bokashi Bin is making compost, liquid is released and drains to the bottom of the tub. This can be tapped off – mix 1 part to 10 parts water (10ml per litre of water), and you have a potent liquid fertilizer organically made in your own home.

Composting has never been this easy until now. Start recycling your kitchen waste today and make your own glorious compost, the rewards are amazing!

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  1. Devi


    Is it ok to use the bokashi juice if a white film has grown over the top of it, or do I need to discard it?

    1. GardenShop

      Yes – it is perfectly safe to still use the Bokashi juice.

  2. crouchdave

    Your directions above have an error.
    “mix 1 part to 10 parts water” is incorrect it should read…
    mix 1 part to 100 parts of water.
    “(10ml per litre of water)” is correct 10ml:1000ml=1l

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