The Herb and Edible Gardening Show


In conjunction with exhibiting herb specialists and suppliers, Healthy Living Herbs, GardenShop FloraFarm will be hosting its final event of the year on Friday, 18 November to Sunday, 20 November 2016 from 8am to 5pm for its 2016 Herb and Edible Gardening Show. The showcase will awaken the senses with fragrant herbs on display and edible gardening ideas.

On Saturday at 9am, David Viljoen, creative landscape designer, popular television personality and presenter, will delve into horticulture, the environment and how both can help those interested in making their gardens healthy as well as attractive and sustainable. During the show, visitors are encouraged to bring nature’s goodness into their homes and explore the world of growing and cooking with herbs or vegetables.

In addition to using herbage in culinary dishes, they also have healing and medicinal properties to soothe the skin, are used in aromatherapy oils to calm the senses, and sip fresh or dry herbs infused in your morning cup of herbal tea. There is also a selection of pet-friendly edible plants that will promote good animal health and act as a natural insect repellent.

At 11am on Saturday and Sunday, Mark Marshall from the Weber Grill Academy will showcase his braai skills. The demonstration encompasses different methods of grilling and the preparation of an array of recipes using different herbs and spices, compiled by the Weber chef himself. He will share his extensive knowledge of the grills and accessories with people, teaching them the skills of successful braaing and how to maximise the use of their Weber appliance.

In addition to the herb display, Ball Straathof will be presenting a selection of their seasonal lines, allowing gardeners to bring their questions and ideas to the experts. Talborne Organics, suppliers of organic fertilisers, will also be exhibiting, giving herbalists a chance to purchase and trial the best products for your flourishing leaves, shoots and sprouts.

Thereafter, Earth Probiotic demonstrates how homeowners and gardeners can use the Bokashi method to recycle food waste into compost, thereby adding nutrients into the ground and improving soil, plant and vegetable health.

Herb growers are encouraged to make the most of the experience by stocking up on herb-related merchandise.

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  1. Rebecca

    I have yellow and black insect eating only my rose flower,when it flies it makes a sound like helicopter, help me is damaging my flowers

  2. Rock Pigeon

    I was also looking for a remedy to ‘destroy’ these ‘devouring tanks’. They eat anything that is coloured in yellow, roses, Acacia flowers, fruit and the air becomes smelly and horrible. I read you can trap them with a bowl of sour milk, place this near the fruit trees on a small table or garden chair, apparently the sour milk also attracts them and then they drown. Perhaps you could also use buttermilk I would then pour the mess into the sewer so they can all be destroyed and not lay any eggs in the compost. Good luck….

  3. BanterMedia

    Hi Rock Pigeon

    Adult beetles can be hand-picked at night, as this is when they do most of their damage. Place a light with a bucket of water underneath it close to plants that are susceptible to attack. The light will attract the adult beetles and, hopefully, they will fall into the bucket. Thanks

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