Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter


With the effects of the La Nina still being experienced into our winter months of 2017, rainfall and cool spells will be experienced this winter. Be prepared for a chilly winter. Frost tender plants and new gardens need to be especially protected. Gauteng usually experiences it first frost around the 3rd week of May.

Culterra Mulch and Frost Guard will do the trick to ensure your garden gets through this winter just fine.

When covering with Frost Guard, try raising the cover just off frost tender plants using bamboo sticks. During chilly spells the cover freezes on the outside, which may still cause damage if the plant is touching the cover.

Use Culterra Mulch (which is wood chips) around all exposed soil areas and cover root areas well. Mulch protects the soil in the following ways:

  • Maintains soil temperature during hot or cold periods which protects the plant and helps them get through the worst of the weather systems.
  • Protects the soil from soil erosion.
  • Maintains soil moisture.
  • Minimises weed growth dramatically.
  • Mulch is organic and when it begins to break down, it becomes compost. To maintain you just need to add a little fresh Culterra Mulch every year.

As a garden-lover, we know that you sometimes need on-site expert advice to talk through nagging garden issues or changes you may want to make. That’s where our GardenGuru comes in! Our qualified horticulturist will meet with you for a one-hour consultation service where you can discuss your unique gardening challenges and find solutions.

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R450*secures your one-hour GardenGuru consultation, payable at any of our branches. GardenGuru will contact you during weekdays to make an appointment.

*Our fee refers to visits within a 10km radius of any GardenShop branch located in Parktown, Broadacers, Bryanston, Menlo Park and Boksburg. Our service does not include design sketches or drawings and we will happily refer you to a recommended landscaper depending on your requirements.

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