Garden Guru New Year’s Resolutions


Article Written By: Sue Both
GardenShop’s GardenGuru

It is the beginning of a new year and we have all had the holidays to come up with weird and wonderful resolutions for 2019. Our GardenGuru  has some interesting garden resolutions for the year ahead…

  1. Instead of building elaborate water features, try using those ready to go plug and play ones that you can purchase at GardenShop. It helps you to avoid cleaning ponds, fix leaks and look after expensive Koi fish.
  2. You can try feeding your pot plants on a monthly basis, some NitroSol fertiliser should do the trick.
  3. In order to catch those nasty Italian Conifer Aphids before they can wreak havoc amongst your Cypresses, start your systemic insecticide treatment in early March.
  4. Let’s outwit those grass destroying Mole crickets this year by catching them before they grow too big and clever – Drench with Meridian insecticide at the end of September.
  5. Encourage bird life in your garden, they will gladly assist you in keeping all the nasty critters at bay and keep your garden looking amazing.
  6. Help maintain good healthy trees that may be infected with shot hole borer, by using a systemic insecticide. As a suggestion, Drench the tree around the roots with a product called “Complete”.
  7. Lastly and most importantly, try your very best to spend a lot more time in your garden relaxing and less time sitting in front of the PC thinking of New Year’s resolutions.

Happy gardening in 2019 from the GardenGuru team – and remember if you have any questions or queries – your GardenGuru’s are only a phone call away.

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