Garden Day


Let your garden skills blossom on Garden Day with GardenShop

This year, Garden Day will take place for the first time in South Africa on Sunday 09 October 2016. The annual event encourages newbie and veteran gardeners alike to appreciate one of life’s simplest but most profound pleasures: Gardening.

Deborah Hele marketing manager of GardenShop says, “Most of the year we plant, water, weed and mulch and here’s a day where we can reap the rewards of all that hard work. Put down the spade, hang up the gloves and invite your nearest and dearest to take a load off, soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh air and witness Mother Nature at her best.”

If you want to reconnect with the world around you, look no further than the green grass beneath your feet, brightly coloured buds, and the trees and shrubs standing tall and green against the blue sky. A place of healing for the mind and repair for the soul, there is no better place than your own backyard.

“Besides the joy of smelling the roses, science has proven that gardening has health benefits including lower blood pressure and increased brain activity. It combats stress and anxiety more than any other leisure activity and alleviates depression. For elders it lowers the risk of dementia, stroke and heart attack”, says Hele.

Gardening with kids cultivates life skills and the benefits range from physical activity to real mental health gains. Children are also more likely to make healthy food choices if they grow their own fruits and vegetables.

In the city, the breath of possibility, the budding seeds of potential, and the first delicate green shoots of hope can be found in something as small as a window box or potted plants on a patio.

For those with gardens, step into a planted paradise and immerse yourself in the outdoors by hosting a high-tea party in backyard, bring ń braai on the patio or yoga on the lawn.

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