Creating a friendly patio oasis


An outdoor patio for the family or an entertainment area for friends to enjoy is a wonderful addition to any home and to make it eco-friendly is even more of a draw card.

This can be achieved through meticulous planning and the careful selection of structural material, plants, watering systems, and lighting, furniture and décor accessories.

Juggling plants

The first part of turning your outdoor area into a green haven would be to install underground irrigation for your lawn, to reduce water evaporation, or to consider artificial grass. The more area that can be covered by paving, bark or cobbles the better as this reduces the area of grass that needs watering. Try to select plants that are indigenous and require less water than others, such as Acacia trees, Lavenders, Wild Olive Trees and Plumbago. The natural shades of earthy green plants make all the difference in creating a friendly oasis.

Light it, heat it

Solar lighting can be installed on your pathways and along the edges of your seating area. Candles like Yankee Candles and Lundi & Crowe’s Home Collection of Home Fragrance Diffusers offer a wonderful solution. Choose from fragrances like Sage & Citrus, Lemon and Lavender, Gardenia, Garden Sweatpea and Might summer’s Night’s Dream for heavenly outdoor scented evenings.

The Fibre of Life

Fabrics for your soft furnishing should also be made with sustainable, natural materials. This will ensure their creation did not impact harmfully on the environment and that they will blend with the natural surroundings. Look for palms leaf baskets, hammocks with wooden slats and cotton throws at GardenShop this spring.

Food for Thought

There are various cooking options available for eco-conscious outdoor chefs. A coal grill can be stocked with natural lump charcoal, made from wood. Weber’s finest grills for outdoor cooking are available at GardenShop’s Broadacres, Bryanston and FloraFarm stores.

Keep it Clean

If you keep your outdoor area in good condition and use all-natural cleaning agents, you will definitely be making a contribution towards environmental conservation. If you go as far as to introduce recycling bins into your outside area, your efforts will have an even more remarkable effect on the preservation of our resources. Where possibly, rather sweep that hose the area down as this will have a positive impact with regards to water conservation.

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