Could This Be Intimidating?


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Article by: Sought After Seedlings
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As we unpacked the new exciting shipment of the fabulous Franchi Sementi heirloom seeds, a friend who was interestedly looking on, remarked that looking at the tiny seed and trying to imagine kilograms of tomatoes being produced from it, was rather scary.
Scary?” I asked.
She went on to explain that if you didn’t know what to do to make that tiny seed grow, prosper and produce, what would you do? Then it struck me, How Many People Feel That Way?

The good news is that there is no reason to be intimidated because we can teach you exactly how. Going on a course to learn any skill that you would like to master is surely the answer to your fears. Linda Galvad shows you how on the Gardening 101 DSTV series, she also runs fully comprehensive courses and presents courses at your favourite GardenShop, Bryanston, right there, in the organic vegetable garden. Check out for course dates. There you can listen and learn and see the results of the correct compost, fertilisers, watering requirements, and even enjoy the look of an organic food producing vegetable garden that is made into a space which is an extension of your garden, where you could entertain friends, teach your children the joy of growing food, chill out with a cool drink or glass of something stronger, and really include your vegetable garden into your lifestyle. This will give you the motivation you need to dig up your grass (which you can’t eat anyway) and revamp your garden into something beautiful and useful.

Visit GardenShop for all the gardening tools, Franchi Sementi heirloom seeds, beautiful water features, arches, pots, and more, you can become really creative making your space decidedly yours.

Enjoy! Spring is around the corner.


Sought After Seedlings

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