Colour Greenery is in vogue this year


Last year Pantone Color Institute, the expert of colours and colour categorisation, named its hue for 2017: “Greenery”. Inspired by nature, the colour is “symbolic of new beginnings” and the growing desire to reconnect with the natural world through architecture, lifestyle, design choices as well as urban gardening.

In line with the theme, GardenShop is encouraging homeowners to incorporate the authentic beauty of the environment “Greenery” into their gardens and homes and add to the design and architecture of their living space.

“Different hues of green – such as apple, lime and olive green, will transform your home into a harmonious space. Complement your garden style indoors with botanical-inspired ceramic pots while on the patio, introduce modern, classical and traditional flower pots and other indoor containers to enhance the green effect indoors and outdoors to provide the ideal sanctuary. For example, Agaves are low maintenance, water wise and strikingly variegated. The succulents add the right dose of green colour to your living space, while only requiring minimal sunlight to flourish, ” says Deborah Hele marketing manager of GardenShop.

“This colour also reflects the organic movement, so why not start your own herb and vegetable garden? For those with limited access to a garden, consider growing your own edibles and herbs in containers on a balcony, patio or terrace”, she adds.

With the rise of apartment living in urban spaces, young city dwellers, starved of outdoor space, are clamouring for greenery indoors. Vertical gardening is an ideal way to add “greenery” to your small balcony, patio fence or on low retaining walls. Plants also provide physical and mental health benefits like refreshing your mood and reducing stress.

As the trend for houseplants and interior greening becomes ever more present, plants can also be suspended from the ceiling in groups to form a tiered cascade of contrasting foliage and forms.

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