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The word “Bonsai” means a small tree in a pot and has been a part of the Chinese culture for centuries. Not only is it a hobby but it is also an art to grow and train a bonsai as you imagine it to look.

A variety of Bonsai plants are available at GardenShop, but how do you decide which one to buy and start your Bonsai hobby?

  • Positioning

It is very important to know where you can place a Bonsai. You can grow Bonsai for indoors or you can grow Bonsai for outdoors. Ficus Bonsai varieties are more widely used for indoors while Acacia varieties, Gardenias and Celtis trees are very popular for outdoors.

For outdoors, make sure your Bonsai gets some morning sun with afternoon shade. Don’t give your bonsai afternoon sun as their pot may dry out quickly causing the Bonsai to wilt and become damaged.

Keep your Bonsai protected from frost during winter.

For indoors, make sure your Bonsai is placed in a bright room.

  • Watering

Watering your Bonsai correctly is important. Outdoor Bonsai require daily watering during summer, and about every 2-3 days in winter depending on how warm the winter is. Don’t allow your Bonsai to wilt and dry out completely.

Indoor Bonsai need water approximately every 5-7 days depending how warm the room is. It can be watered even more frequently depending how quickly the soil dries out.

Never keep a Bonsai wet as it will cause the Bonsai to rot and die.

  • Feeding

I believe in alternating your fertilizers for best results. I feed weekly, 1 week Multifeed Classic, and the next week with Nitrosol an organic fertilizer, and repeat the alternation.

Your bonsai should be watered before applying fertilizers. Never use a granular fertilizer on your Bonsai.

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