Bee Friendly Gardening


Article Written By: Sue Both
GardenShop’s GardenGuru

Bees play a critically important part in creating a healthy environment and a healthy economy. Without bees we would not be able to produce most crops and we would not be able to feed ourselves and our livestock.

But bees are in trouble – and this has become an international political and environmental concern. The decline in the bee population is caused by a combination of factors, including: stress from loss of habitat, lack of food resources, exposure to pesticides and the effects of climate change.

But how can we do our small part in helping our bee population? Below are some bee-friendly gardening tips:


  • Choose plants that attract bees, such as: Lavender, Gaura, Basil, Sage, Watermelons and Pumpkins
  • Group together different plants that bees like – plant a hedge of Lavender or a patch of Basil.
  • Choose plants with long flowering cycles.
  • Create a fresh water source – birdbaths are a great option.
  • Avoid using harmful pesticides or other chemicals in your garden.


So next time you bite into an apple, eat a squash or put a spoon of honey into your Rooibos tea, remember that we would not have any of these foods if it was not for the busy bees working hard, all over the world. Small changes can make a big difference, so never let it ‘bee’ said that we are biting the hand that feeds us. ‘Bee’ responsible!


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