Ants Everywhere


Are ants invading your home? Are they all over your counter tops just after preparing food? Do you find ants in your kettle? If you answered yes to any of these then yes, you have an ant problem!

Ants are very busy harvesting for the winter months now. They are collecting food and are found in warm places when the mornings are very cold, like in your kettle. When an ant finds food, it sends off a pheromone to alert the other ants of the food source and within minutes your counter will be engulfed with ants.

What can you do to manage ants?

There are numerous products on the market to kill or control ants, but the leading brands are still Efekto and Protek.

How do you decide what is the right product to use? The best is to use something that goes to the source of the nest and toxifies it, this controls the queen ant and in turn the nest population.

For safe indoor use, you can use Efekto Ant Traps, but if your ant problem is really bad, safely apply and spray with Efekto Ant. Ant Trap bait will be harvested and it will toxify the nest while Efekto Ant will kill any ants that are present, helping you get control immediately.

For safe garden use, Protek Nip-It, a granular bait can be scattered around nesting areas, ants will harvest the bait and toxify the nest. The bait prevents the queen from reproducing making it control the ant population. Effects are noticed from 40 days after first application. To speed up results, surface ants can be sprayed with Protek Knox Ant.

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