Acid Loving Plants


Article Written By: Sue Both
GardenShop’s GardenGuru

Acid loving plants can be a great focal point in any garden – especially because they usually grow well in shady areas. Camellias, Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Azaleas and Brunsfelsia (Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrows) are only a few of the most popular plants.

Here are a few tips on how to create the most beautiful display out of your acid loving plants:

  • When you plant any of these plants use a 50% acid compost with your planting mixture or potting soil.
  • Feed all acid loving plants once a month with Blue Hydrangea Shake & Grow – this will help to maintain the acidic PH
    of the soil and will supply the plants with the nutrients needed for abundant flowers.
  • Mulch acid loving plants with a layer of acid compost and Pine needles.
  • Most acid plants with, the exception of Hydrangeas, do not like wet feet. Make sure that your soil and pots are well drained and that plants in pots are not standing in drip trays filled with water.

With a bit of TLC, acid plants can be an incredibly bountiful addition to any garden, showering it in an abundance of flowers.

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