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The Bryanston Organic Food Garden

GardenShop Bryanston has unveiled its Organic Food Garden to showcase the ‘Grow Your Own’ movement. Our vision for this garden is to inspire and encourage everyone to embrace this healthy and wonderful pastime of growing your own.

Designed and implemented by Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings, owner and distributor of Franchi Sementi Seeds, this public garden was implemented purely for your enjoyment – to draw information from, to educate and provide all year round inspirational ‘Grow Your Own’ ideas.

During the course of last week, Linda and a dynamic group of speakers, including sponsors Jenny Slabber of Talborne Organics and Nicola Brown of The Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club, provided in-depth insight on the link between health and healthy eating, shared actionable and practical advice concerning tools and organic products, as well as gardening methods to become more effective in efforts to ‘Grow Your Own.’ Green industry allies Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions and sponsors Efekto were also represented showcasing their organic product ranges.

As the Bryanston Organic Food Garden was designed to appeal to both young and old, this beautiful edible space is shared with The Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club and provides the perfect outdoor classroom to encourage youngsters, between the ages of three and seven, to get planting, grow healthy food and appreciate gardening.

Look out for many exciting future events at GardenShop Bryanston’s Organic Food Garden. Simply visit and relax in this wholesome and unhurried safe green environment located within the garden centre. There is no doubt that you’ll be inspired to ‘Grow Your Own’ and eat your way to better health.

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