Spring has sprung!


Article by: Sought After Seedlings
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Spring is officially here and with this we are able to enjoy the bliss of a few more hours of sunlight every day. There may still be a crisp chill in the air occasionally, but it is now pleasant enough to go out into our gardens or onto our balconies and soak up the tranquility of our natural outdoor spaces. It is widely recognised that the time spent in nature in fresh air and among growing things, is extremely beneficial for our health. There is an age old adage which says that the best fertiliser for a farm, is the farmers feet. Furthermore, it has been proven that spending time with and giving attention to your plants contribute to their health and well-being. We used to laugh at the notion of talking to and touching ones plants regularly, and yet now, it has been scientifically proven that plants flourish with attention, just like people.

Linda GalvadIt is almost comical to see articles pop up occasionally that profess to have ‘uncovered’ all kinds of scientific evidence proving simple practices that previous generations knew and took for granted. For example that your physical and mental health depend on fresh air, clean water and what you eat!

With the simplicity of that age-old wisdom in mind, we suggest that you get your hands into fresh soil and plant some seeds, to nourish your need for fresh air and grow one of life’s essentials – good, fresh food. Franchi Sementi seeds will not disappoint – plant them in a sunny place, give them water then visit and talk to your plants when they appear and in no time you will be growing what you can eat. You will find everything required for this at your favourite GardenShop store. And if you want a more in depth knowledge of how to grow what you can eat, attend a course with Linda Galvad. For more info click onto www.soughtafterseedlings.co.za


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