10 Common Garden Insects and Disease


Article Written By: Linsay Moore
Store Manager @ GardenShop Broadacres

Below is a simple table with guidelines to assist with identifying and treating the nasties most commonly found in our gardens. We hope that the below guide will make it a little bit easier to understand what and how to use the various products available to combat these pests.

Always remember that you need to follow the instructions as indicated on the insert provided by the manufacturer.

It is also vital to remember that using a higher dose does not equal a quick solution to the pest problem – it only results in you spending more money and possibly causing more damage to your garden.

Good luck and happy pest-free gardening!

Garden Insects and Diseases


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    Thank you very much for this most welcome guide but it is very small to read. Is there any chance that you could enlarge it and resend it?
    Mrs LN van Niekerk

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