WOW! What a Vegetable Garden


Did you know that an Organic Rooftop Vegetable Garden exists at the 5* Saxon Boutique Hotel in Sandhurst, Sandton? It was established by Sought After Seedlings, suppliers of the wonderful Franchi Sementi Seeds, on a virtually denuded 450 sq. metre open rooftop – above the hotel’s parking garage.

The garden was the express wishes of the famous David Higgs, Executive Chef of the Saxon Hotel, with the intention of supplying organic, exotic, outstanding vegetables to his flagship restaurant Five Hundred. The remaining produce to be used in the other hotel restaurants when available.

Tons of special soil mix, bark chips and floor tiles were carried up an existing metal fire escape to fill the long unused raised gum pole beds. After weeks of exciting creative work the garden was finally ready and the ‘show was on the road’.  Three months later one of the worst hail storms hit Johannesburg and demolished the budding Organic Rooftop Vegetable Garden.

The tomato plants were reduced to sticks, the leafy greens were stems only, and seedlings were no longer to be found. Not to be deterred, the garden was quickly replanted with hope and fervour. Today some years later, this flourishing oasis, under the watchful eye of Linda Galvad, of Sought After Seedlings, is a sight for sore eyes.

Urban Agriculture is one of the fastest growing aspects of food supply. Anyone can plant an Organic Vegetable Garden, enjoy the health giving produce, experience the joy of watching something grow, and benefit from the tastiest most interesting harvest you can imagine. Window ledges, pavements, rooftops, edgings, in amongst your existing flower garden beds – anywhere, is the ‘right’ place for your vegetable garden. GET GROWING!


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