Talking Lawn Care


Investing time towards the end of August will pay dividends in spring and summer with a greener, lusher and more resilient lawn.

Start raking out and removing the thatch.  Thatch is the continuous build-up of dead matted grass, which prevents water and fertilisers from penetrating the soil. Use a good strong metal rake to remove old matted grass and to loosen the soil slightly. Alternatively hire a lawn spike aerator. Do not scarify seed grasses such as ‘All Seasons Evergreen or ‘Shade-Over as well as ‘LM’ and ‘Buffalo.

Once you have removed all the thatch, you will need to mow your lawn.  A short close crop is what you are looking for, so set your mower low.

Fertilise with suitable granular lawn fertiliser like Wonder’s Vitaliser Lawn and Leaf 7.1.3 (15) SR or Sudden Impact for Lawns, or as an organic alternative – Vita Green 5:1:5 (16) and Bio Ganic for Lawns. Water well after fertilising.

Apply a thin layer of Lawn Dressing (only necessary every second year)

If you require more detailed information on the planting and care of lawns send an email to with ‘Lawns’ in the subject line.

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