Plant Indigenous for Wildlife


When choosing plants for our garden we like to know that they will be adding to the garden’s ecosystem. And yes they will, but not take the choice one step further with an indigenous plant that will attract a variety of local wildlife, birds, butterflies and bees to your garden.

Here are a few of our top indigenous plant choices.

  • Carissa macrocarpa (Large Num-Num)

A shrub that is one hundred percent waterwise. Undeterred and bold with its strong, compact growth habit. Plant in a position where it has access to full sun.  Carissa grows beautifully in coastal areas where the glossy round leaves thrive on the sea moisture. Ideally in areas where there is frost it is advised to protect the plants in their first few years of growth.  With regular clipping (careful of the thorns) they make beautiful neat knee high hedges. Fragrant white flowers followed by red to purple edible fruit. Birds and butterflies just love this hardy indigenous shrub!

  • Aloe varieties

This is an absolute must to attract butterflies and birds to your garden. Structural, succulent foliage are just one of their standout features. Waterwise to a fault their flowers in autumn and winter will attract a host of butterflies and birds. Aloes belong to Africa and Aloes belong to your garden. They make outstanding features when planted in pots that will accentuate their upright growth and attractive flowers. Grow in full sun all year round.

  • Hypoestes aristata ‘Purple Haze’ (Ribbon Bush)

A versatile, evergreen medium sized shrub that will thrive in hot dry conditions where not much water is available especially on pavements and out of reach areas in the garden. The ribbon bush flowers in winter. The pink, white or light purple flowers will attract butterflies.  It is hardy to moderate frost, however it can be damaged by black frost or severe cold associated with dry, icy winds.

  • Olea europaea subsp.africana (Wild Olive)

A rewarding tree of choice for attracting birds and butterflies to your garden. A truly magnificent indigenous medium-sized tree will grow to a height of 14metres. The foliage is greyish-green with small black berries in summer that will attract many indigenous bird species. Butterflies are also attracted by the Olea. It is hardy tree and will withstand long periods without water making it an ideal waterwise and enviro-chic choice.

Little steps to insure our commitment to Biodiversity – International Day for Biodiversity – 22 May 2016.

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