Planning for Success!


Looking at an aerial view of the Saxon Hotel’s Organic Rooftop Vegetable Garden you see a distinctive pattern made by the layout of the cream coloured tiles. Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings designed and planned this garden to be approached from the deck, so one would look out over the garden, which is laid out as a fan.

Each planting group was carefully planned, as companion planting and crop rotation had to be taken into account. Visually she wanted the garden to have great aesthetic appeal!

As the gum poles were already in place, Linda needed to shift the emphasis away from those long straight lines and that was why light coloured tiles were chosen – to lead the eye of the observer. By placing them horizontally to the gum poles access was created for harvesting produce.

Linda believes that soil must never be stepped on as this crushes the micro-organisms in the soil and compacts it. “So we very carefully measured out, across the entire garden centimetre by centimetre, the width of each bark chip path, the width of each planting section and the distance between the tile pathways. Hard work but necessary if one desires a pleasing vista of your project.”

Garden layout planning is an integral part of the success of your Organic Vegetable Garden. Plan to make your vegetable garden a place of pleasure and serenity. The benefits of the results are immeasurable.



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