I Want to be a Waterwise Gardener


To be a waterwise gardener means to use water responsibly in the garden area.

There are a number of factors to consider when doing your part to protect one of the lowest natural resources on the planet – fresh water.

  1. Place plants in the same area that require the same amount of water and sunshine, this is known as zoning by water usage.
  2. Use mulch. Mulch protects the soil from natural elements and will help maintain moisture, keep plant roots cool and minimises weed growth. Mulch comes in a variety of forms such as ground covers, pebbles, bark chips, mulch mixes and more.
  3. When watering ensure you water deeply to encourage plant roots to grow deeper into the sub soil. This will help plants with space, nutrients and water, which will ensure your plants are strong and tolerant of hot summers and cold winters with less care.
  4. Plants do not need water every day. When watering your garden rather water deeply – 15 to 20 minutes. Sunny areas will only need watering every 3 days while shady areas about once a week. Pots unfortunately require a bit more attention depending on their size and what you have planted in it. Mixing in water retention granules and vermiculite can counteract this. During very hot weather, seedlings may require a little extra between deep watering periods.
  5. Remember to compost your garden regularly, this helps the soil to hold loads of nutrients and moisture.
  6. When feeding your garden use waterwise fertilisers available at your nearest GardenShop.
  7. Also recycle your grey water, such as bath water and harvesting rain water where possible.

Go and change your gardening habits today and become a waterwise gardener! Get creative – the ideas and opportunities are endless!

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