How to Grow Encore Azalea Successfully


Here are a few planting tips for planting and growing Encore Azaleas successfully:

  • Choose an area with good filtered shade or in a sunny position with afternoon shade. Azaleas require 4 to 6 hours of sun to produce their flowers. However in the summer it is important that they are not exposed to the harsh sunlight to maintain their flower vibrancy.
  • Soil should be acidic and well drained to promote healthy growth and to prevent root rot. Add nutrients to the soil with organic matter, but not fertiliser (fertilise in spring).
  • Azaleas have a shallow root system. It is advisable to dig a hole that is twice the size of the root ball so that the roots grow wide and not deep. This will prevent the risk of root rot.
  • In the first year of growing, to protect your Azalea through their first winter as well preserving moisture in summer, apply a 3cm layer of mulch after planting. You may also want to place protective covering in winter to allow strong root growth.
  • Fertilise your Encore Azaleas after fear of frost and watch them flower and grow.
  • Following spring’s first showcase of flowers, lightly prune to encourage growth and increase flowering for remaining seasons.

This how to video featuring Buddy Lee, the inventor of Encore Azaleas teaches you the best way to plant your Encore Azalea – and how to care for them once planted.

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