Growing in the City


In 2016 GardenShop continues to focus and to build on ‘Growing Your Own’ as a gardening trend that continues to gain momentum, and a hobby that year after year makes it into the top most growing interests worldwide. Take advantage of the ideal growing conditions in your city and make this year a year of growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. No one better to endorse GardenShop’s cause of growing your own is Jane Griffiths – South Africa’s Grow Your Own Warrior (in a small space for years, mind you) and best-selling author of Jane’s Delicious Garden, Jane’s Delicious Kitchen  and her newest gardening book – Jane’s Delicious Urban Gardening.

Jane’s Delicious Urban Gardening. Sustainable City Living is available at GardenShop from R295.

The book will give you good, solid tips on how to start and maintain a sustainable eco city food garden. It covers all the most important aspects of growing your own and how to work in partnership with nature. We freely take so much from nature. To harness the full potential that is available to us we can give back to the environment and most importantly grow our own. There is a chapter on community, non-profit and educational gardens with examples on how communities, businesses, schools and individuals are passionately growing and imparting their knowledge to others in their communities. There are inspirational photographs of growing gardens in public spaces, on pavements and on roof tops, all right here in South Africa.

To start your year of growing your own begin with a plan, choose your site carefully, do your research and very importantly speak to fellow gardeners who have had years of experience. Make notes, look on Pinterest for visual, inspirational examples of ‘productive’ gardens and visit GardenShop to see what is in season and what you can start sowing now, that you will be able to harvest later on in the year. When the gardening spirit moves you, you must act and grow immediately.

Just dig in and share the fruits of your labour.

Deborah Hele – Marketing Manager


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