Grey Areas for Waterwise Plants?


Not at all… It is a clear black and white rule for waterwise gardeners (and for gardens that are transitioning into water conscious spaces). They love grey!

That is grey foliaged plants. Indigenous or exotic grey foliaged plants have the ability to reflect the sun’s rays away from the plant, thereby keeping it cooler, which in turn reduces water loss. Combine with other water saving plants for your climate and gardening style.

Discover our top grey foliaged plants…

Coastal RosemaryWestringia fruticosa

Westringia provides great colour contrast with grey foliage and white or blue flowers from September through to May. Great when planted in a pot with the idea to prune it into a ball shape. An excellent drought tolerant plant.

Lavenders with grey foliage

Glorious in many gardens across the world, Lavenders have the ability to survive in hot dry conditions. Ideal to grow in pots, grouped in borders with mixed plants as well as grown into clipped boxed hedges.

Lambs EarStachys lanata

This easy-to-care for groundcover has soft velvety silvery-grey green leaves that have the shape and feel exactly like that of a real lamb’s ears. It will flower in summer with pink to purple coloured spike-like flowers. Grow in full sun or semi shade. Lambs Ear has the ability to survive drought-like conditions.

Another bonus it has the ability to help with painful bee stings!

Silver Arctotis – Arctotis

A vigorous, tough and sprawling groundcover that is ideal for gardens that are transitioning into waterwise and will survive in sunny dry areas of the garden.

Wormwood – Artemisia afra

A soft aromatic foliaged shrub that is one of the most popular medicinal plants in South Africa. Its silver-grey foliage makes it a striking display in any garden. Artemisia must be planted in full sun and it is very important to prune it heavily in the winter to encourage lush growth. This plant can become invasive, so it is best to take this into consideration when planting it.

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