Garden Styling with Pots


Seasonal styling with pots is addictive. As the garden seasons change so you will need to replace plant material in pots, re-pot overgrown and pot bound plants into larger pots and occasionally potted plants would be better off in a different location entirely.

Pots are attention grabbers and especially pots that are planted up with flowers. Pots lend themselves to annual seasonal colour. In summer you will find that Sunpatients, Celosia, Geraniums, Petunias, Salvias and Begonias will make for maximum flower input in sunny areas and alternatively in autumn Pansies, Primulas and Poppies will pick up the shortfall.

Often planting one single colour in a pot will make the most impact, especially if you have two matching pots on either side of an entrance or walkway.  In gardens and patios where light is of a premium consider grouping  brightly coloured pots together. This simple styling trick will make an all green foliage garden pop.

Like the cherry on top of a cake, pots will add the finishing touch to your overall garden design. If you have a garden that is mostly water-wise and indigenous you will find that stone washed and dark terracotta will accentuate hardy evergreen  plants and succulents. Light terracotta and grey cement pots add to the soft lines of a cottage styled garden and character to vegetable and herb gardens. Angular, glazed pots work perfectly in modern contemporary and eastern inspired gardens.

Pots will give you the  inspiration for creating maximum seasonal interest.

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