Lawn & Lawn Care



12th September 2020 @ 9am

Join GardenShop Broadacres for an exciting and informative morning, learning about lawn and lawn care.

Scientific evidence clearly shows that healthy lawn is good for the environment! As a society we tend to take the benefits of grass for granted!

Turfgrasses have been utilized by humans to enhance their environment for more than 10 centuries. Healthy turf generates oxygen for improved air quality and noise and air pollution are reduced in most suburban areas because the grass ecosystem serves as a natural filter for the environment.

The following are just some of the many environmental benefits of Lawn:

  • They provide excellent soil erosion control.
  • They improve recharge and quality protection of groundwater and provide flood control.
  • They enhance entrapment and bio-degradation of synthetic organic compounds.
  • They absorb and isolate carbon dioxide gases.
  • They bring substantial urban heat dissipation which results in temperature moderation.
  • Lawns contribute to home security as well, providing high visibility zones that deter potential intruders and open green spaces that serve as a firebreak to reduce fire hazards.

Lawns ARE important!

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