Cool Jungle Homeware Trends


Welcome to the jungle, our urban jungle.

GardenShop’s large selection of decorative clear recycled glass vases in all shapes, thickness and sizes, beautiful driftwood decoration pieces with 70’s large bold green foliage are making their way back into our homes to create mini jungles. We are all decorating with plants more and more. At GardenShop we are passionate about plants. We encourage you to combine plants with our homeware pieces to bring the jungle back indoors.

With many of the popular 70’s indoor plants coming back into popularity GardenShop is collaborating with our indoor plant growers to propagate and cultivate indoor plants from our childhood days.  To fill our homes with foliage, indoor plants and green plants are the way to go this year. One single stem of the Philodendron selloum plant species placed in a tall cylindrical glass vase is simplicity and style at its very best.

The Rubber fig, also called the Rubber plant, in the fig genus, native to northeast India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia has magnificent dark, large green leaves and will bring the retro mood right back into your living spaces.

The “Mother-in-law’s Tongue,” the very low-maintenance Sansevieria, native to the tropics of West Africa is another great indoor plant for homeowners looking for a plant that is very easy to look after. If you forget about it, don’t stress; these plants can go for a month without water.  The Sansevieria plant likes bright light with at least some direct sun for several hours a day, however it will still grow in any position as long as it’s not deep shade and will make for a great architectural look planted in glassware.

Another plant that is making it’s 70’s comeback is the ZZ plant, known botanically as  Zamioculcas zamiifolia native to eastern Africa, from Kenya south to north eastern South Africa.  ZZ makes a contemporary room accent and will also go for days and days without much water. It is very forgiving and again planted in clear glassware will make for beautiful accents. You can grow the ZZ plant in low light and it is very hardy in shrugging off pests.

GardenShop helps all jungle bunnies to bring the jungle back into your home and living spaces.

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