Advantages of Natural and Organic Fertilisers


Organic fertilisers are made from decaying plant and animal matter. Using organic fertilisers has many benefits, including production of larger fruits and blooming flowers, increasing the resistance a plant has to pests and disease, helping plants survive the winter and droughts, and improving the condition of the soil the plants grow in.

Organic fertilisers add the nutrients to the soil that plants need to be more productive. These vital nutrients include phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. These nutrients allow for the plant to grow larger blooming flowers and larger fruits. Not only does the quality increase, but so does the quantity, allowing the grower to harvest more and better fruits and flowers.

Advantages of Organic Fertilisers

  • They are less caustic than inorganic fertiliser when used in large applications.
  • Nutrients are available more slowly over a longer period of time.
  • Nutrients are less likely to be leached from the soil.

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