A Place of Tranquillity… The Vegetable Garden


I want a place of splendour. I want a place of tranquility. I want a place of life-force. I want a place of refuge… I want an Organic Vegetable Garden so that I can immerse myself in all of this!

Gardens are splendiferous, are they not? We usually think of flower gardens for splendour, but this is no longer true. The 5* Saxon Boutique Hotel’s Organic Rooftop Vegetable Garden dispels this notion.

There is a succulence and abundance which envelopes the visitor to this special place, where you can find tranquility in the middle of the busyness of Sandton. A refuge from the frenetic pace! The life-force is palpable. The constant activity of bees, butterflies, ladybugs, birds, and dragonflies, brims with life. There is a joy about this special place, of healthful food growing with vigour.

With climate change, food insecurity, the energy crisis, market fluctuations, droughts, plus all the economic and environmental problems, Urban Agriculture is the only feasible alternative. Roll up your sleeves, breath in the fresh air and plant vegetables. Once you start there will be no stopping you. Get the compost and organic fertiliser into the ground but don’t dig up your soil too deeply.

Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings, supplier of Franchi Sementi Seeds, believes in no-dig gardening. “Micro-organisms in each soil strata need to remain where they are. Consider basin planting for water utilisation, or drip irrigation and place a good layer of mulch on top. Remember to leave space for the new tender shoots to come out of the ground. A too thick mulch will retard their progress.”

Spend time in your garden. Plan, prepare, play – you will have what you want.


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