winter gardening

Article Written By: Jeremy Cupido
Store manager @ GardenShop Bryanston

When the first frost hits marking the arrival of winter, it’s time to prepare your garden for the long slumber ahead. This will maintain your garden during the Winter months, bringing back a lush and healthy Spring garden.

On the Rosy front…

One of the simpler tasks is to get out those pruning shears and sharpen them now, in time for next months’ pruning of roses and fruit trees. You don’t want to cut back your perennials and shrubs with a dull blade as you run the risk of injuring the plant, which might make it susceptible to disease.

For any new roses you might want to add to your garden, prepare by digging your holes and filling them with a good mix of compost.


Interesting fact:
Keep the ash from your fires, Barberton daisies will love it as a dressing.


Now let’s not forget the other winter beauties in your garden!

      1. Hydrangeas and fuchsias can be cut back now, but not if you have very heavy frost.

      2. Keep watering those bulbs (be sure not to over water) and feed them with a liquid fertiliser like Nitrosol every 2 weeks.

      3. Keep a good, thick mulch around all your plants.

      4. Azalea and Camellias love pine needles.

      5. Magnolias will now be in bloom, should you want to shape these trees you will have to wait until flowering is over.