Aromatic Herbs

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Aromatic Herbs

The study of the healing power of fragrance herbs is called aromatherapy and is becoming more and more popular in the practice of alternative healing. Essential oils and tinctures are prepared from many herbs for the use of aromatherapy or as Bach homeopathic flower remedies, where particular fragrances have been found to heal disorders and chance moods. In the garden, plants can have the similar effect of raising your spirits or soothing tension, so be sure to plant your favorite scented herbs where they are accessible when needed. Below are a few of my favorite aromatic herbs.

Lavandula dentata or French lavender – Mainly grown as an aromatic ornamental, but flower head or dried for potpourris.
Mentha requienii or Corsican mint – An aromatic herb with a strong peppermint scent. Used to flavour liqueurs and also as an insect repellent.
Jasminum polyanthum or Pink Jasmine – The scent of jasmine is useful in treating depression.
Gardenia augusta or Gardenia – Gardenia is primarily valued for its highly scented blossoms, although gardenia flowers have culinary and medicinal uses as herbs.