Add flower power to your winter garden

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If you haven’t already done so, May is the time to plant annuals for a splash of winter colour. Winter and spring flowering seedlings are available in garden centres now and if planted as soon as possible, will be in flower during the winter months when the life of your garden is calling out for some much-needed colour.


Plant winter-flowering seedlings in large groups for best effect or between your spring-flowering bulbs to give the border added impact. Remember to place
tall-growing plants at the back
of a bed, and low-growing ones at the front.

Containers planted up with these beautiful annuals will also brighten up patios and entertainment areas. Not only can you create stunning focal points with planting your colour in pots, but you will also save money.

Get the best results from your winter colour by ensuring that you plant the right things in the right places.

  • For sunny places select sun loving plants
  • For the shady areas select plants that will flourish with less direct sunlight.

Before planting the annuals, prepare the soil well. Add liberal quantities of compost and mix it into your planting areas.

Foliar fertilising dramatically improves the performance of bedding plants. Foliar feed with a half-strength of Multifeed or Nitrosol mixed with water. This is especially necessary in areas where root competition from trees or shrubs is a problem. Large gardens can be foliar fed quickly and easily with the aid of a modern mix-nozzle that can be clipped onto the end of a hosepipe.

Throughout flowering time, remove spent blooms to encourage more flowers.

Winter flowers add a splash of colour to your garden just when you require them most. They’ll fill your containers with attractive flowers and over winter giving you amazing ‘flower power

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