Focal points in your garden

For many, a garden is simply an outside space that is purely functional and they give little thought to the aesthetics of their garden.

However, the truth is, a garden can be just as functional with added beautiful design features. Plus, you won’t only have a functional garden, but a beautifully designed one as well.

A brilliant way to make your garden look wonderful is to look for those windows of opportunity and introduce focal points into the design.

The creative gardener don’t have to spend and arm and a leg to create interesting and attractive focal points using object or plants or both.

  • Objects – Often, an object such as a statue attracts more attention than a plant specimen, which naturally tends to blend into the garden surroundings, especially when the object is man-made. For this reason, special care must be made when selecting objects in your focal point design. Objects should be displayed properly and with regard to balance and harmony, blending with the scale of the garden. Combining objects with plants, such as annuals planted in an old sewing machine or bicycle, is a sure way to create not only whimsy but eye appealing focal point design.
  • Plants – Focal point design using plants is a little simpler, as plants naturally flow with the garden landscape. When using plants as focal points in gardens, they should look great throughout the season, or even better, all year long. Perennials or annual plants grouped together can create seasonal focal points, but for a more permanent focal point, it may be advisable to plant a larger, specimen plant.

A focal point is your best friend in the Garden. It can be a plant, container, or object that gives you an attractive visual entry point into the garden. It tells you where to look initially and then smoothly directs you to the surrounding garden.

A focal point doesn’t have to be large to grab attention; it just needs to be in the right spot.

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