Snow capped mountains in Lesotho and chilly winds blowing over the highfield is a clear indication that winter has arrived. Whether your garden gets hit with a light frost, a hard freeze, harsh winter weather events can harm or kill off plants in your garden.

With some easy preparation, you can protect your garden plants from frost, freeze and wind damage to help them survive harsh winter conditions. Here are five ways to protect your garden from frost and freeze damage.

  • Insulate. Spread a fresh 5 – 10cm blanket of mulchto protect plants. Damage caused by freezing and thawing is the most serious threat to dormant perennials and shrubs in a winter. You could also use shredded leaves or any other kind of organic matter, such as newspapers, to protect the root systems of your plants. Just leave a 3cm of space around the base to prevent rot. 
  • Wrap. Keep plants protected with a blanket of frost cover or hessian. Remember, frost cover is designed for short periods during overnight frosts and light freezes. It should be removed during the day time to allow sun to get to the plants.
  • Take cover. Don’t leave your plants hanging. Remove your containers, too. Store your plants in covered places such as a porch or patio until the weather passes. The warmth of your home will help keep your containers and hanging plants insulated. Consider keeping your big containers on wheelsor plant caddies so you can quickly roll the plants to safety. 
  • Resist watering. Water thoroughly several days ahead of expected frost or freeze if possible. Otherwise, it’s best not to water your plants until temperatures rise above freezing. If you must, try watering early as the day warms up so plants get time to dry out.
  • Go greenhouse. If you’ve been thinking of investing in a greenhouse, perhaps now is the time to plan for one. Many small greenhouses offer plenty of protection from winter weather.


Good winter protection will ensure that your garden will thrive when the weather warms up again.

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