Gardening in Atriums

An atrium is the ideal way to bring ‘the outside’ inside. It is essentially an interior part of a building that receives abundant natural light, either through an open ceiling, skylight or glass panels. The ancient Romans used them in their dwellings as a means of drawing in light and providing ventilation. There are several benefits to growing a garden in such as space.

  • Human beings to find a garden soothing. certain indoor plants improve air quality and so carry health benefits.
  • You save on energy by maximising on daylight.
  • You can grow interesting plant varieties that might not otherwise thrive outdoors.

Here are some tips  on how to plan your atrium:

  • How much direct sunlight does it get?
  • Select plants that will thrive in your light conditions.
  • Cosider the mature size of the plants that you select. You do not want them to outgrow your space.
  • Use containers to highlight special plant specimens.
  • Where possible use potting soil rather than normal garden soil.
  • Use crushed gravel, cement pavers, rocks, wood chips, slate stepping stones, etc to add texture,
  • Light the garden on overcast days and at night with spotlights or uplights around the perimeter of the atrium.
  • If possible, include a water feature.
  • Theme your atrium. Do you want a tropical, Zen, or even a woodlands look?

When your home has an atrium you’ve reached the pinnacle of indoor gardening. It is the perfect way to bring the ‘Outside In’.

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