Water - tranquility in your Garden

Running water has a calming effect on a person. The sound of water has a
tranquil and relaxing effect.  

By using the simple principles of how a water feature works, you can create almost anything that you can dream up in your imagination.


Before you construct a water feature for your outdoor space, there are some things to consider – from the supply of water to the general maintenance.


  • You probably don’t need a water supply. Of-the-shelf water features are self-contained, they just need topping up occasionally.
  • If the feature has moving water…
    Unless it’s solar powered, you will probably need an electricity supply to drive the pump.
  • Pretty much all water features work the same way. There’s a reservoir of water (or sump), which has a pump which moves water up a pipe. Gravity then brings the water back down to the reservoir.
  • Think about cleaning it. Water will get slimy, so you’ll need to know how to drain it, dismantle it and clear out the sump.
  • If you have children consider their safety first. Small children can
    drown in tiny amounts of water, so it’s advisable to buy a feature
    with no exposed water.


A water feature can be a great addition to your garden. Not only is it a great way to create a focal point, it also has a calming effect and attracts wildlife like birds and toads to your garden.

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