Outside In - Indoor Plant Tips

Indoor plants should be an essential component of every interior design. Greenery brightens up indoor spaces and are known to have mood-boosting qualities. Growing indoor plants is an excellent way to beautify your house. Indoor plants don’t only look good in your house but they also help to purify the air.

Common indoor plants are usually tropical or semi-tropical epiphytes, succulents or cacti. Indoor plants need the correct moisture, light levels, soil mixture, temperature, and humidity. Indoor plants also need the proper fertilizer and correct-sized pots.


When you are introducing indoor plants in your living space you need to consider the key aspects below:

  • Light
  • Suitable Area
  • Watering
  • Fertilizer
  • Planting Medium
  • Container Size
  • Pest Control


Here are some popular easy to grow indoor plants:

  • Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum wallisii
  • Snake Plant or Sanseviera species
  • ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia
  • Ferns
  • Bamboo Palm or Chameadorea elegance
  • Moth Orchid or Phalaenopsis orchid
  • Benjamin fig or Ficus benjamina
  • Umbrella Tree or Schefflera

Indoor plants can bring live to otherwise dull environments. It is important to make the right selections of plants and with containers that is suitable for the needs of the plant. Consider the colour scheme of their interior. Are looking for something modern or maybe something more traditional. By asking these questions you would be able to select plants and cover pots that will enhance your interior space.

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