Fantastic Focal Points - How to create Focal Points in your Garden!

A focal point is your best friend in the Garden. It is a plant, container, or object that gives you an attractive visual entry point into the garden. It tells you where to look initially and then smoothly directs you to the surrounding garden.

Learning how to use focal points in the garden is useful to draw the eye towards the area one wishes to emphasize; conversely, using focal point design may also aid in camouflaging those more unsightly areas. Because focal points in gardens draw the eye to something, it is important to decide what to use when creating focal points. When creating a focal point, one will want to consider what to add for a focal point and placement in the landscape.


  • It shows you where to look first.A bright red bench grabs attention and orients the viewer within the garden.
  • It intensifies the surroundings. In the landscape on the right the crisp green of the foliage contrasts with the grey of the pavers leading the eye along the garden path.
  • It provides inspiration.Once you have attracted attention, you can play off the focal point to enhance the rest of your design.


For many, a garden is simply an outside space that is purely functional and they give little thought to the aesthetics of their garden. However, the truth is, a garden can be just as functional with added beautiful design features. Plus, you won’t only have a functional garden, but a beautifully designed one as well. A brilliant way to make your garden look wonderful is to introduce focal points into the design. The creative gardener don’t have to spend and arm and a leg to create interesting and attractive focal points.

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