Every Drop Counts - Water Wise Gardening !

Every Drop Counts!
We live in a country where water recourses are limited and the threat of water restrictions is ever present. It is therefore not surprising that a common concern for many South African gardeners is the conservation of water.

The most critical element of preventing the wastage of water is the understanding of the value of water. Water is central to life and the catalyst for socio-economic development. Without water, there is basically no life as water has no substitute. It is therefore critical that we all understand the value of each and every drop of water from an early age. Here are some things to consider when you want to optimize the water efficiency in your garden.

• Know your soil
• Mulching
• Hard landscaping
• Reduce lawn surfaces
• Group plants with the same water requirements together
• Plant choice
• Effective watering practice
• Rainwater harvesting

By following these basic guidelines, you could save an immense amount of water over time, thereby contributing to saving the environment; all this without breaking the bank, destroying the theme of your garden or wasting your time.
You will also encourage soil friendly insects as well as other wildlife resulting in a natural, bio-diverse paradise on your doorstep. Be a responsible gardener and use our water wisely.

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