Gardening for Birds

There’s nothing better than the birds singing their beautiful songs in the morning. A wild bird presence can bring a positive atmosphere to your garden and for many gardeners bird watching can become a great hobby.

So, what are some other benefits you can achieve?

• Birds Help Eat and Control Bugs

• Birds Pollinate Plants

• Birds Help Control Garden Weeds

Birds eat a variety of insects, aphids, mosquitoes, spiders, and other bugs that can destroy gardens. Attracting certain species of birds to your garden can reduce your need to use pesticides. Reducing pesticides means you will save money and not be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals in your food. Certain species of birds are incredible pollinators for your garden flowers. Another benefit of birds in the garden is they prevent and contain weeds by eating the seeds before they ever sprout.

In order to attract birds to your garden you need to supply 3 things:

· Food

· Water

· Shelter

During winter when food is scarce it is important to provide food to your garden birds. Wild bird seed will provide for the seed eaters, suet will provide for the insect eaters and nectar feeders will cater for the nectar feeding birds.

Keep the birds singing in your garden this winter!!!

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