The GardenShop Chill Room!

Chill Room

The future of urban living…

The Chill Room is a spherical structure with an inner ‘chill space’ that enables people to grow their own food, herbs and plants in an urban environment, while also offering an oasis of calm to experience the wonders of its natural abundance.

Built as a sphere, the overlapping segments of the free-standing pavilion, ensure that water and light can reach the vegetation on every level.


Where traditional’ farming takes up a lot of space, the Chill Room has a small spatial footprint as all plants grow vertically, creating a small oasis in our often hectic and high-pace societal scenery.


The Chill Room is not just a place one can grow their own food, plants and flowers – it also enables people to connect with nature in a calm and serene space where you can escape to its inner comfort to read a book or simply for a quiet ‘time-out’ in a tranquil setting.


The GardenShop Team is on hand to build and install your Chill Room for you, however, with easy to follow instructions, you could even take it on as a new DIY project and build it yourself!


The Chill Room’s aesthetically pleasing architecture and the uplifting natural atmosphere it offers, makes it the perfect addition to the outside areas of schools, club-houses, offices, golf estates, gardens, swimming pool areas – or anywhere else you may want to just appreciate and enjoy nature!