Westringia Rosemary

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  • The Australian rosemary is an evergreen shrub that grows to 1m high
  • It has soft gray-green leaves and white flowers throughout the year and prefers sun and little to average amounts of water . This shrub is also drought tolerant.
  • Fast-growing evergreen shrub with a spreading growth habit.
  • Interesting rosemary-like pale-green leaves with white undersides are accented with dainty brilliant-white flowers that appear on the branch tips primarily in spring and throughout the year in warmer climates.
  • This popular species is revered for it’s mounding growth habit and great tolerance to coastal wind and sea spray conditions.
  • Though this relatively pest and disease free shrub is drought tolerant it performs best with a more regular watering schedule during spring and summer better retaining its color and density.
  • Great left to develop it’s naturally rounded shape in large beds and borders it also takes well to shearing as a hedge or to produce a more formal appearance.
  • Australian rosemary prefers a well-drained soil.
  • Can tolerate wind – excellent coastal plant. Cut back regularly.
  • Hedges well and can be pruned into a ball. Does not like severe frost.
  • This variety is not edible
  • Once established Australian rosemary requires very little care and maintenance.
  • They have a low water requirement which makes them ideal for xerophytic gardens.